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25 Things You Need to Know About the Future

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How will we live in the future? And what will the human race become? Will we nurture designer babies, be served by intelligent robots, have personal 3D printers, and grow products on-the-vine using synthetic biology? Or will shortages of oil, fresh water and other natural resources constrain our lifestyles and lead to industrial decline?

In this fascinating guide, futurist Christopher Barnatt examines 25 known challenges and technologies that will help shape the next few decades. From Peak Water to vertical farms, nanotechnology to augmented reality, and electric cars to space travel, a startling picture is painted of future possibilities that no individual or business will be able to ignore.

Highlighting life-changing research and innovation from over 250 companies, universities and non-profit organizations around the globe, 25 Things You Need to Know About the Future is a startling, frightening and powerful blueprint for anybody who wants to future gaze and future shape.

Published on 19th January 2012 by Constable & Robinson in paperback and e-book formats. 416 pages. A Korean translation was published on 21st November 2012.

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Part I: The End of the Age of Plenty

  1. Peak Oil
  2. Climate Change
  3. Peak Water
  4. Food Shortages
  5. Resource Depletion

Part II: The Next Industrial Wave

  6. 3D Printing -- watch video!
  7. Nanotechnology
  8. Genetic Modification
  9. Synthetic Biology -- watch video!
  10. Vertical Farming

Part III: Fuelling the Third Millennium

  11. Electric Vehicles
  12. Wind, Wave & Kinetic Power
  13. Solar Energy
  14. Nuclear Fusion
  15. Space Travel

Part IV: Computing and Inorganic Life

  16. Cloud Computing -- watch videos!
  17. Augmented Reality
  18. Artificial Intelligence
  19. Quantum Computing -- watch video!
  20. Robots

Part V: Humanity 2.0

  21. Genetic Medicine
  22. Bioprinting -- watch video!
  23. Cybernetic Enhancement
  24. Life Extension -- watch video!
  25. Transhumanism

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25 Things You Need to Know About the Future
"...an exciting, yet realistic and believable, vision of future life on Earth".

The Futurist

"The neat way in which [the author] ties together the key themes worth worrying about over the next few decades makes this a worthwhile read for anyone curious to know what may await us".

New Scientist

25 Things You Need to Know About the Future, Korean translation

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