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About ExplainingTheFuture.com and Christopher Barnatt

About ExplainingTheFuture.com®

ExplainingTheFuture.com provides information on future challenges, trends and technologies, both on this website and via its YouTube channel. The site is written and maintained solely by futurist Christopher Barnatt, and there are no opportunties for guest posts.

About Christopher Barnatt

Christopher Barnatt is a futurist, keynote speaker and freelance academic. He has published thirteen books and numerous articles, with over 200 media contributions to broadcast, print and online programmes and publications. He runs the websites ExplainingTheFuture.com and ExplainingComputers.com, as well as associated YouTube channels that have received over 123 million video views.

For 25 years Christopher lectured in computing and future studies in Nottingham University Business School, where he spent seven years as Director of Undergraduate Programmes. He now delivers presentations and consultancy for a wide range of organizations in sectors that include food production, financial services, healthcare, logistics, local government and the arts. In recent years, clients have included:

You can find a list of recent keynote titles here.

Other recent clients, for whom Christopher has supplied future visions CG animations or still images include:.

You can find information on hiring Christopher here and contact information here.

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