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Recent Books by Christopher Barnatt

The Next Big Thing
The Next
Big Thing

Revolutions ahead on our journey to the Singularity.

3D Printing book cover
3D Printing:
Second Edition

A guide to the new world of direct digital manufacturing.

Seven Ways to Fix the World
Seven Ways to
Fix the World

Developing a new narrative for a more sustainable future.

25 Things You Need to Know About the Future
25 Things You Need to
Know About the Future

Challenges and technologies that will shape tomorrow.

Other books by Christopher Barnatt include A Brief Guide to Cloud Computing, the Future Trilogy of Cyber Business (1995), Challenging Reality (1997) and Valueware (1999), plus the (rather old) textbooks Management Strategy and Information Technology (1996) and The Computers in Business Blueprint (1994). People wishing to keep up to date with many of the topics covered in the latter may be interested in visiting their online replacement ExplainingComputers.com.

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