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Future Gazing as Future Shaping

Future Challenges

Peak Oil
Peak Water
Climate Change
Food Shortages
Resource Depletion
Viral Pandemics
Population Ageing
Regligous Tensions

Future Trends

More Local Living
Low Energy Lifestyles
Design for Repair
Vertical Farming
Resources from Space
Life Extension
The New Industrial Convergence
More Women in Authority
The Death of Economics

Future Technologies

3D Printing
3D Printing Directory
Augmented Reality
Cloud Computing
Genetic Engineering
Helium-3 Power Generation
Synthetic Biology

Future Mindsets

The Second Digital Revolution
The Five Facets of Reality
Crossing the Fourth Discontinuity
The Global Hardware Platform
The Singularity

Visions (artwork)

Cryonics Catacomb
Face Printer
Global Warming Solar Sails
Vertical Farms


25 Things ... About the Future
3D Printing: Second Edition
3D Printing: The NIR
Seven Ways to Fix the World
The Next Big Thing
The Future Trilogy


25 Things ... About the Future
Asteroid Mining
3D Printing: Business Opportunties
The 3D Printing Industry (2013)
The 3D Printing Revolution
3D Printshow London 2014
3D Printshow London 2013
3D Printshow London 2012
An Archaeology of Wonder
Beyond Sustainability
Biocomputer Unboxing
Death of Economics
Future A-Z
Future Cities
Global Warming Solar Sails
GrowUp Aquaponic Urban Farm
iMakr 3D Printer Store
Learning from Global Catastrophes
Life Extension
Mining Helium-3 On the Moon
Mining the Moon
Online 3D Printing
The Net Energy Time Bomb
The New Narrative
The New Industrial Convergence
TCT 3D Printing Show 2014
Top 10 Personal 3D Printers 2014
Top 10 Personal 3D Printers 2013
Thirtysomething Civilization
Top 10 New Future Jobs
Travels with a Futurist
Singularity or Decline?
Space-Based Solar Power
Synthetic Biology
Why Do We Stop Thinking?

Challenging Reality TV Series

Challenging Reality Homepage

1: From the Pyramids to the Digital Age
2: Our Island Earth
3: The Power of One
4: Brave New World
5: Playing at God?

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Big Data
Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing Videos
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Quantum Computing
Quantum Computing Video
Web 2.0
Web Squared

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